Who am I 👩‍💻?

My name is Julia and I'm a self-taught developer in my early 30s who switched careers after I fell in love with programming. After a year of learning front end development I started looking for a job and found one right away.

This year was not easy 😮‍💨, many ups and downs, so much to learn, but I never gave up and all the work finally paid off.

I'm in love with my new job, and in my spare time I want to share my experiences from my year of career change and hope I can also help many other people find a job in the field they love. ❤️‍🔥

Hi there 👋

Who is this site for 🤔?

This program is for anyone who wants to set foot in tech and gain insight from a self-taught developer who was in the same position not too long ago as you are now.

During my journey, I've watched a lot of videos on LinkedIn, talked to recruiters, revamped my resume and LinkedIn profile, and more. I want to share all of this knowledge with everyone because there is so much to consider that some would not immediately think about in order to achieve excellence.

A roadmap for everyone 👥

I divide the journey into three phases, as I have experienced it myself.

Especially for beginners, it's often not easy to not lose track, stay consistent, and know what matters. It's too easy to get overwhelmed by too much information. That's why I've made a lot of notes along my journey about how I would like to have taken the path as a developer if I were starting over.

Somewhat more experienced developers often wonder what projects to put on their resume, how to develop ideas, and what it would be like to work on a team or on a real project at a company. I will outline these paths as best I can.

Job-ready developers often wonder when looking for a job if their CV, GitHub profile and LinkedIn profile will be well received and if their projects are ready to be shown. The bundle is meant to make sure that everything is thought of before applying.

Click on the phase you are interested in for further details.

Get in touch 📧

You can always contact me if you have any questions. I would also be very happy if you share your success stories with me after following my advice that helped you to positively influence your current condition ❤️.

Email me at yuridevat@gmail.com

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